Wyalusing...Here to Stay?

Intro Task Process

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Outdoor Education has been a part of your school's curriculum for many years. Most students have great memories of their experiences at Wyalusing. Unfortunately, your school district is looking for some ways to trim its budget. Outdoor education/Wyalusing is one program that is being reviewed and could possibly be cut. Many students, possibly some being your younger brothers and sisters, may not get the chance to enjoy the wonderful experience of Wyalusing. What can you do about this? How can you help to make sure that the Wyalusing tradition continues.


As students who got to experience Wyalusing, you are being asked by teachers and parents to make a case to the school board as to why the Wyalusing tradition should continue. As you complete this webquest you will work cooperatively using personal experience, as well as facts about outdoor education to create a presentation for the school board on the importance of Wyalusing.


  1. In pairs, use your experiences at Wyalusing to brainstorm a list of the benefits of the Wyalusing trip. Think about....

    What did you learn or discover about the outdoors? about yourself? about others?

    What skills did you gain?

    What types of things did you learn that just can't be taught in a book?

  2. Use the links below to read about outdoor education. What does the research say about the benefits of outdoor education? Include at least THREE research based arguments in your presentation. Can you use quotes or paraphrase the research, but be sure to include the website reference.

  3. Get your facts together and outline your presentation on paper.

  4. Review Powerpoint guidelines.

  5. Create your Powerpoint. Be sure your argument includes both personal experience and the research. Your presentation should include two-three pictures from your experience at Wyalusing that could help to make your case, and other clip art graphics as you see fit.

  6. In pairs, present your case to the rest of the class using your PowerPoint Presentation.

Web Sites to use for your research

Youtube Video on Outdoor Education

Back to School: Back Outside

Outdoor Education Group- Benefits of Outdoor Education

Values and Benefits of Outdoor Education, Training and Recreation

The Great Outdoors

NEAF: National Environmental Education Foundation: Benefits of Outdoor Education



  1. Give students the presentation rubric beforehand, so they know what to expect.
  2. Pairs of students will use the rubric to self-evaluate their project.


Congratulations you have made your case for why our school district should continue the tradition of Wyalusing. Classes upon classes of students to come thank you for your efforts in saving this very important part of our curriculum. Surely, the school board will take into account your arguments when making their decision.

Teacher Page

  1. Teacher can decide how to pair up students.

  2. Have students do the initial brainstorming on the benefits of Wyalusing with their partners in the classroom.

  3. Plan for 3 computer lab periods, one for research and planning and two for creating Powerpoint Presentations.

  4. Plan an additional time period for pairs to present their PowerPoints.

  5. Give students the presentation rubric beforehand, so they know what to expect.

  6. Pairs of students will use the team reflection sheet to evaluate their groupwork.