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  • Fennimore Elementary School Awarded DRA Grant

    The Fennimore Elementary School was awarded a Dubuque Racing Association (DRA) grant in the amount of $1,250.00 to support the project Lights! Camera! Action! Going Digital with the School News. The grant money was used to purchase the equipment needed to make the switch from an analog TV news show to a much more engaging digital production.

    The “School Zone” news show is put on by FES 5th grade students. Each 5th grade student applied for the jobs they wanted within the studio and were hired and trained for those jobs. Each morning, on a rotation basis, these students are in charge of producing and filming the morning news. The digital news show can then be played back in each classroom at a time that fits into their schedules.

    The switch to digital has allowed for much more student involvement and ownership and the students are very excited about the changes. While providing the school with the news each day, these 5th grade students are also gaining valuable experience with the 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity.

  • Third graders turn pumpkins into social studies masterpieces

    This week in 3 rd grade, social studies projects are really getting spooktacular. Using pumpkins donated by Luanna Staskal, kids painted the pumpkins blue on Monday. Later in the week after the pumpkins dry, they are going to be adding white and green for continents, officially turning the pumpkins into globes.

    If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because the pumpkin globe project has been happening at Fennimore Elementary for quite some time. However, it wouldn’t be possible without the donation of the pumpkins from Luanna Staskal. So, we would like to officially thank you, Ms. Staskal, for investing in the education of our kids here at Fennimore Elementary. Check out the full photo album on our Fennimore Elementary School Facebook Page.

  • Good Behavior Recess Awarded

    On Monday, October 2nd the students at Fennimore Elementary School got to have an extra surprise recess as a reward for good behavior. The staff along with Mrs. Burkum fill the eagle wings with slips of paper awarding good behavior. Once the eagle wings are full, the students earn a fun activity.

    This was the first reward of the school year, and since it is still nice they received an extra recess. In the winter months, Fennimore Elementary continues to do fun activities.

    “Sometimes we will do a dance party where we blast YMCA or something through the speakers and all the kids get to come in the hallway and dance,” principal Carmen Burkum said. “One time we did a ‘drop everything and art’ activity where we rolled paper down the hallways and the kids got to use their crayons and colored pencils to draw. It’s always fun.”

    Also coinciding with the good behavior recess, many of the kids and staff alike were wearing blue against bullying as October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

  • Facebook Community

    Our Elementary School Facebook page is used by faculty to post pictures and opportunities for parents and students. If you have information related to FES, share with a post on our Facebook Page. Recent posts on our time line will show below for quick viewing.
  • The student handbook, forms, and more is available from our forms and documents page. If you have a form that you would like added, please submit them to us.
  • We are excited for the new school year and celebrate our community involvement. Thank you Fennimore Community for your support and participation!

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