Athletics at Fennimore Middle & High School

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The printable schedules are updated as often as possible to reflect the games as scheduled. However, changes are often made throughout the season as a result of weather and other variables. Please be aware that the electronic calendar, which you may load directly to your phone, is updated very frequently and is one of the first locations to show a weather related schedule change. For more information about getting the Athletics Calendar on your phone or Google Calendar, visit our Connect Site.

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Fall Sports

Cross Country
Coach: Ryanne Bell • 822-3245 ext. 3305 •
Assistant Coach: Alexa Chiefari

2017 Boys Cross Country

Fennimore CC

2017 Girls Cross Country

Fennimore CC
Coach: Boone Tollefson • 822-3245 ext. 3310 •
Assistant Coaches: Dan Bredeson, Steve Lendosky, Jonah Roth, Kevin Everson, Tyler Ames, Brad Van Epps, Tyler Carl, Joe Carl, Mitch Jahnke, Alex Ames, Zach Berger

2016 Varsity Football

Fennimore Varsity Football

2016 Junior Varsity Football

Fennimore Junior Varsity Football

Varsity Coach: Jerica Nelson • 822-3285 ext. 2243 •
Varsity Reserve Coach: Allison Meyer • 822-3245 ext. 3002 •
Freshmen Coach:Shelly Winkers
Fennimore Volleyball Webpage

2017 Varsity Volleyball

Fennimore Varsity Volleyball

2017 Varsity Reserve Volleyball

Fennimore Varsity Reserve Volleyball

2017 Junior Varsity Volleyball

Junior Varsity Volleyball

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball
Coach: Tom Needham
JV Coach: Troy Larson
8th Grade Coach: Ryan Rosemeyer
7th Grade Coach: Jonah Roth (ext. 3008)

2017 Boys Varsity Basketball

Fennimore Varsity Basketball

2017 Boys Junior Varsity Basketball

Fennimore Junior Varsity Basketball

Girls Basketball
Coach: Kevin Everson • 558-1353 •
JV Coach: Ryan Rosemeyer • 330-1065
8th Grade Coach: Allison Meyer • 822-3245 ext. 3002 •
7th Grade Coach: Jon Buslaff • 822-3245 ext. 3404 •

2017 Girls Varsity Basketball

Girls Varsity Basketball

2017 Girls Junior Varsity Basketball

Girls Juior Varsity Basketball

Coach: (ext. 3406)
Fennimore Wrestling Webpage

Varsity Wrestling Team

Wrestling Varsity

Spring Sports

Coach: Brent Sheckler

2016 Baseball Team

Baseball Team
Coach: (ext. 3111)
Assistant Coaches: (ext. 3502), (ext. 3103)
Coach: Jim Prochaska • 822-3285 ext. 3409 •

2016 Varsity Softball

Softball Team

2016 Junior Varsity Softball

Softball Team
Assistant Coaches: (ext. 3115) , Ryan Rosemeyer

2016 Boys Track Team

Boys Track Team

2016 Girls Track Team

Girls Track Team

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