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Computer Science is the study of computers, there hardware and software, there applications, there impact on society, and how to use logical processes to find solutions to problems. Computer Science (CS) includes designing software, understanding hardware, networks, and understanding of the computing industry. A large part of CS is programming. Programming is the process of writing logical commands using a programming language that can be compiled and translated into computer byte code in order that the computer maybe used to complete a task.

What opportunities could learning computer science give you? Check out this video and learn more about it.

What does it take to make computer games? In this video, Julia Detar, a videogame designer who creates online games for the company Arkadium, describes how she got involved in the gaming world, gives an introduction to the math in computer programming languages, and presents a videogame-related math challenge.

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Computer Science 1

In Computer Science, students to learn to write programs in the language of Java. Basic computer programs are sets of logical commands that prompt for input from a user, perform some calculation, and display output on the screen. Various programming concepts; including statements, variables, methods, conditional statements, and loops, will be used to solve problems common in today's businesses. Students in this class will also use HTML to write their own web pages containing CSS and Java script components. Students will also learn about basic computer hardware, operating systems, and proper troubleshooting techniques through a computer essentials unit. Prerequisite - Grades 10-12- 1.00 credit

Advanced Computer Programming

Students will learn the programming language of Java by writing programs that apply to real world problems. Students will learn to use methods, programming paradigms, arrays, loops, and data files for common programming routines. Students will also write and implement their own classes and objects. Projects will be completed within the visual programming environment using windows components to add sound and graphics to programs. This course builds a solid foundation for students who will take computer programming classes in their post-secondary education. Prerequisite - Computer Science 1, Algebra 2 - Grades 11-12 - 1.00 credit

AP Computer Science A

This course prepairs students to take the AP Computer Science Test which is distributed by The College Board. Students in the course will gain an in depth understanding of fundemental Object Orientated Programming techniques. This course is equivalent to a second semester Java Programming course at most universities.