Alg 2 book

Algebra 2

Through the second course in algebra, students are introduced to ideas and techniques basic to the development of modern science. This course includes the study of linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, polynomials, rational expressions, irrational numbers, complex numbers, functions, variations, and analytic geometry. Algebra 2 brings to life many real applications of mathematics. This course is required for entrance into most colleges and will give students the basic skills needed for a college math class.

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Precalc book


Precalculus is a course designed around the exploration of polynomials, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions and how they can be used in today's scientific and statistical world. Within each mathematical topic students learn the techniques for creating, simplifying, and graphing functions that model data. Students use computers, graphics calculators, and CBL data collection devices to aid in data collection and organization. The focus of this course is to apply the mathematics being learned. This course is highly recommended for any student considering attending a four year college and will prepare students for a course in calculus.

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Calc book

AP Calculus

Single variable calculus includes the topics of limits, differentiation, and integration. Students will learn how these topics relate to a functions graph and other physical concepts such as motion. This course is equivalent to the first semester of college calculus. Students may elect to take the advanced placement calculus test and may receive college credit.

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