Collage of assembly photos
Lyssa and Carol sit in cafeteria with guitars surrounded by students
An aquarium tanks site on a desk in a classroom
4th graders sit under a covered bridge at Stonefield
4th grade student holds up her awards for the Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom Program
dairy team stands in front of a barn door holding blue sign
The Frontier of Flight Tri-Fold Presentation
Mrs. Burkum stands with young students holding their stuffed animals after she reads a book to them.
Wreath Layers
all 3rd grade students pose for a picture out in front of Folklore Village building
2nd graders show off the apples they picked at the orchard
Collage of 4 images, 1) Paper butterfly with symbols of WI and Fennimore on it, 2) Fennimore HS Logo, 3) Selfie-style photo of students in  Spanish 3, 4) Paper butterfly on orange paper with a black outline of a butterfly on it.
5th graders outside at Bethel Horizons pose for a picture with their hard hats on
senior students sit in a row in the outdoor theater
Front:  Mrs.Shelby Mitchell, Abby Adrian, Tim Bruner, Teegan Griswold, JP Scanlan Back:  Tyson Gehrke, Wesley Winch, Noah Foreyt, Reid Stalsberg, Mr. Kory Stalsberg
a collage of pictures of 2nd grade students using spaghetti sticks and marshmallows to build a tower for a STEM challenge
a group of student in a dark cave holding flashlights
a group of students are holding their inventions made out of recycled products
a group of fourth graders listen to a speaker at Stonefield village who is standing by some artifacts and a Wisconsin flag